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How To Focus When You Have Too Many Goals In Life

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Big, sparkling dreams.

I know we could be spontaneous visionaries and the list of our goals would seem to go on forever.

Some are straight out of our childhood dreams, while others are brand-new ideas we’re itching to bring to life.

Ah, how we hope we could multiply ourselves and get the chance to experience all of these dreams!

However, reality check — we aren’t ninjas doing a shadow clone jutsu, so we have to figure this out. Here are 5 tips to help you focus when you have too many goals in life.

How To Focus When You Have Too Many Goals In Life

How To Focus When You Have Too Many Goals In Life
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1. Put them in a list.

I’ve always had a habit of writing down my dreams, especially back in high school. Whether it was in my diary, on a random piece of paper, or on a cute handy-dandy notebook, I had to get them down.

And those dreams? They were big. Like, too big for a high schooler to even know where to start.

Fast forward a decade or so, I skimmed again on my old notes, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Sure, I haven’t ticked off every single thing on that list, and I often forget about those pieces of paper, but it was amazing how a good chunk of them were *mysteriously* achieved.

But was it really a mystery? Well, no.

You see, our thoughts hold much power. And when you jot them down, you supercharge those ideas.

You make them more tangible in the real world. Solidifying your thoughts helps you get in sync.

That said, no dream is too big or too many to write down, so feel free to list them all. Jot down your goals every year or even every season.

This practice gives you a perspective of what you really want, especially when you keep at it over the long haul.

2. Sort

It’s not out of the question to pursue two vastly different goals. But you have to know which of your dreams could be tackled one after the other and which ones belong in completely different industries.

Could your goals be achieved together if you follow a similar path, or does it require you starting from square one?

I found it really helpful to sketch out a flowchart.

As I get realistic on writing my next steps, I would see some of my goals overlap, and others are on a whole different course.

We have to sort them out so we know how to give them a better timeframe.

3. One at a time

If you build too many plans and goals at once, you may lose everything at once.

I experienced a scattered plan aiming to build all my income streams and businesses.

And because those streams weren’t interconnected with each other, phew, it was a frustrating phase. My lack of focus brought doom to everything I built.

Instead of growth, my divided attention resulted in neglecting everything – the important things – and things slowly crumbled.

Here’s what happened:

When I devoted my attention to Website 1, it flourished. Yay!

Then, I ventured into creating a YouTube channel, which also saw success, but unfortunately, it affected the stability of Website 1.

Later, I wrote an e-book, but in doing so, I neglected my online platforms, causing them to suffer. Again. It was a painful struggle. 

Additionally, when I started a physical business, it thrived, but this success came at the expense of sales and income in other areas.

With my lack of focus and management, I knew it was coming. So people, do it one at a time! If you’re building a business, give it some laser-like focus, and results will definitely show.

The garden blooms when you water and care for it.

4. Start the most plausible goal.

Looking back to the list, which goal is the most plausible, skill and resources-wise? 

Start with what you have or what’s near you. 

For instance, if you’re keen on starting DIY crafts but have limited resources, start by searching for materials in your own home, reaching out to friends, or exploring your neighborhood for supplies.

If you’re aspiring to launch a business, begin by selling one item at a time to test the waters.

If you want to be a blogger, go in front of your laptop and do the writing now!

Don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t” because every journey has its humble beginnings, and all we need to do is take that first step!

5. Keep a long-term mindset

How much hard work, labor and commitment can you give for your goal? A year’s worth? Hmm, I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

Starting today, you must eliminate the instant gratification attitude and think long-term!

Long-term goals require a long-term mindset because, much like fruit trees, most of our dreams require years of nurturing before we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

A habit tip – a study shows that a habit can be built in 66 days. That’s when you keep the discipline, and get through the long-term mindset easier.


It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the many goals we set for ourselves. I’ve got three random incoming goals, and my head sometimes hurts, too!

However, progress is the requirement for reaching those goals.

In every goal we have, we. have. to. make. a. step. forward.

We need a firm decision to stick to the plan and be patient. Explore your goals first, then hit the gas with “FOCUS!!” once you find what truly resonates.

Here’s to chasing your dreams and achieving success in every endeavor you pursue. You’ve got this!

Thanks for reading!

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