Best Hobbies for women
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37 Best Hobbies For Women

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Got bored and seeking a new hobby both indoors and outdoors? Then, may this post be an informative one. Here are 37 best hobbies for women that you can try!

37 Best Hobbies for Women

Best Hobbies for women
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1. Reading Challenges

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If you’re an avid reader, then let’s make it more fun by doing reading challenges! 

You can do the following below:

  • Finish a book series.
  • Read all novels by one author.
  • Ask your bookworm friend for 5 book recommendations and read through them.
  • Set a series of short stories to read in a month!
  • Read from indie authors.
  • List down classic books and devour them.
  • Finish 3 non-fiction books!

2. Joining Book Clubs

It’s so fun to pour your happiness and thrill to fellow bookworms with the same interests. You can seek such safe spaces in book clubs near you or online, where you virtually gather to discuss books! You can find clubs focused on a wide array of genres or more specific ones like fantasy and romance.

Such communities like Between Two Books and various social media pages will encourage you to read more, too, and build reading habits.

3. Blogging

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I LOVE blogging. It can be our personal journal or a documentation of our learned experiences. It’s a good way to pass the time and dive into the creative world of writing!

My first real blogging experience where I reached a small audience was on Medium, and I would still recommend it today. The community there is awesome, especially for new writers!

But if you want to blog independently and eventually make it a side hustle, here are the basics on how to start your own blog.

4. Social Media Micro-writing

You might want to engage in micro-writing, crafting short-form content like poetry and essays for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This is a great way to express your thoughts and reach an online audience at the same time!

5. Edible Gardening

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Another great, *fruitful* hobby for women is edible gardening. Go and grow tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkin, garlic, peas, and herbs in your backyard. This would be a fresh addition to your salad, plus a good exercise as you move around, too!

6. Indoor Gardening

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Want to garden but may not have an outdoor space? Then, let’s make your indoors greener. Choose the right plants like:

  • Herbs – cilantro, basil, and parsley
  • Succulents
  • Vegetables like lettuce and tomato
  • Flowers – orchids, lilies, and violets

7. Cooking/Baking

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With a plethora of recipes to try and experiment, cooking becomes an amazing hobby that you can share with the people around you.

A friend of mine loves cooking, and it’s so enjoyable taste-testing her new creations!

8. Food photography

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Showcase your exquisite meals, learn food photography, and share them on social media or your personal blogs.

This could involve learning food photography techniques, styling food compositions, and creating visually appealing dishes for the camera.

9. Hiking

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This hobby can be a challenge for new hikers, but once you get to connect to nature and overcome trails and peaks one by one, it could be a fulfilling experience you’ll always look forward to. 

As you begin, it’s best to hike with a group and make sure safety is first. Pack smart and bring the basic necessities like:

10. Dance Classes

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Dancing positively impacts our physical and mental health, even if you’re simply at home swinging your arms and hips.

Sign up for dance classes like hip-hop, ballroom, or jazz.

11. Playing a musical instrument

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While we can choose to play several instruments, you can start looking into musical instruments and learn the one that thrills you the most.

Learn the basics and play songs in your free time!

12. Live streaming your talent

Are you already musically inclined and have the talent to perform? Why not share original music, covers, or improvisations?

Have fun jiving with your social media friends or even a global audience. You can even do a livestream for fun!

13. Perform with other musicians

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Connect with other musicians to perform together, too. Perform in bands, orchestras, or choirs. Obviously, this would involve joining local community groups, attending rehearsals, and participating in concerts and performances.

If you’ve got the time (and commitment), this will be a thrilling and fruitful hobby!

14. Virtual volunteering

There’s a wide range of non-profit organizations that seek help from volunteers. And now, you can do it online!

Suppose you’re a good writer, designer, a fun host, an educator, a multilingual, or skilled at planning curriculums and such. In that case, you’d be a great addition to the volunteer work for children, seniors, people in need, and even pets.

You can do short tasks or one-time projects. If you’re willing to spend your time assisting others, you can check Volunteer Match to connect with other NGOs.

15. Onsite Volunteering

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Look for nearby non-profit organizations or local churches in your area and contact them if there are any volunteer opportunities.

Most of these organizations need assistance for social welfare, charities, teaching kids, farm volunteering, animal care and rescue, cleanup efforts, and health care.

16. Traveling

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Some people travel to get away from the bustling city and relax. But you see, the passion for travel is different if you reframe it as a true hobby.

As you travel, you expand your horizons and meet new people. Explore new places and cultures, either locally or internationally. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • List down the destinations you’d like to travel
  • Are you fond of ancient places, nature, or city life? Then, list down the places!
  • Save up for the travel fund
  • Always enjoy and cherish the memories
  • Travel again!

17. Solo sports

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Some solo sports don’t only focus on the fun. Exercise is the bonus! Go swim, surf, or cycle. Choose your game and get more fit.

18. Fitness Classes

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You might want to participate in group fitness classes as a fun and motivating way to exercise with others.

This could involve attending classes such as Pilates, Zumba, or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) at local gyms, studios, or community centers.

19. Traditional Scrapbooking

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Preserve memories through traditional scrapbooking. This could include scrapbooking photos, concert tickets, maps, remembrance items, and souvenirs, capturing the memories of unforgettable journeys.

You might want to find themes like the following:

  • Travel theme
  • Family
  • Monthly Highlights
  • Pets
  • Locations and History
  • Friends
  • School Memories
  • Moments of your life
  • Your emotions

Get your own scrapbook and keep the memories!

20. Digital Scrapbooking

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Want a more tidy-looking scrapbook? Then go digital!

You can design your own digital layouts or purchase downloadable stickers so you can print them limitless. Incorporate photos, journal digitally, and print digital creations for physical albums.

Check out Canva. They offer thousands of beautiful cliparts and elements you can use for digital scrapbooking.

21. Home Decorating

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Got a knack for DIY crafts? Well, it would be an artistic way to decorate your home with it! Redecorate with photos!

Create personalized jars, paint your walls with a theme, and customize furniture with stylish designs, making the whole atmosphere in your living space cozy!

22. Calligraphy

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Learning the art of beautiful handwriting is something worthwhile, too! Master different font styles and you’d surely add creativity to your crafts and projects.

Check out these basic calligraphy tools.

23. Pottery Workshops

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If you’re ready to try something new, attending virtual or actual ceramic classes and demonstrations would be awe-inspiring.

24. Ceramic Jewelries

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Explore more ceramic projects by making customized earrings, and bracelets. Who knows, you might have your own small business out of porcelain, mini sculptures, or ceramic charms.

25. Learn a new Language

Challenge yourself to learn a new language in a few months. Start from learning basic words up to acquiring another culture’s writing characters. That would be an incredible skill to have.

There are YouTube videos and applications like Duolingo to aid you in studying.

26. Knitting/ Crocheting

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The thing about crocheting and knitting is that it’s addicting. Master the loops, and you might not want to stop anytime soon. It’s a great, colorful, and creative way to pass the time.

Here’s a crochet kit and a knitting kit with instructions for beginners.

27. Camping

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Camping isn’t just for vacations but a way to unplug and connect to nature. It offers great benefits not only to our body but also to our mental well-being. Schedule your camps regularly, bring friends, or join groups!

Monthly? Twice a year? It’s a great interest and would also help you appreciate basic survival techniques.

28. Collecting

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Start a collection of stamps, coins, or other items that interest you. I personally collect books from my favorite authors, but there’s a challenge. I must find the series from a thrift book store, not buy it brand new. It gets pretty sentimental to me!

My other friends collect stuffed toys from Disney characters and also kendamas. Others, ref magnets. The best items to collect are those that give sentimental meaning to you.

29. Soap Making

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Get creative and craft your own unique soaps using different scents, colors, and ingredients. It would be a fun way to customize your own soap products!

Try your first soap making with this kit!

30. Storytelling

Did you know that you can join storytelling group? Well, if there are in your local area. If not, why not start your own podcast or YouTube channel where you share personal anecdotes, folktales, or fiction?

31. Singing

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Singing is one hobby you could always do in your room and at home. It can be a fulfilling hobby that allows for self-expression and enjoyment.

Want to level it up? Here are some things you can do:

  • Buy your own portable mic for a karaoke session (and sing at home!)
  • Take lessons, sing to your favorite tunes, and join choirs
  • Make song covers!

32. Bullet Journaling

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There’s a creative way to organize our thoughts – bullet journaling! You could make your own habit tracking, monthly spending, bucket lists, recording your progress, or even documenting your emotions by tracking each day.

It helps you stay organized and motivated.

33. Digital art and design

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Well, well, digital art has been on the rise for a while now.

Just like painting on canvas, you could also spend your time learning digital illustration, graphic design, or creating digital animations.

34. Food Preservation

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You might explore home fermentation and preserving techniques.

The popular fermented ones are kimchi, sauerkraut, or kombucha, as well as learning to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables through canning, pickling, or dehydrating. In my local area we love atsara!

Culturally, there’s a wide range of food preservation techniques, so if you’re foodie and love experimentation and prolonging your foods, so this is a good one to start!

35. Personalized accessories

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With people seeking out pieces that reflect their individual style and personality, customized accessories never go out of trend. Create custom engraving, birthstone jewelry, a nylon bracelet, a ceramic one, or my favorite – beaded ones!

36. Reflective Journaling

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Reflective journaling helps spark self-discover. Personally, I would write in my diary, and it helps me remember the actions I’ve taken, self-reflect, and navigate which path I should take.

Answer the important questions surrounding your values, goals, fears, dreams, relationships, and life lessons.

37. Vision Boards

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Vision boards are another creative way to set and track your goals and visions for the future. Record your goals with the use of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant Time-bound) goals, and then be creative on making a board about it.

Visualizing your goals is important. It can help build, solidify, and leave imprints on your goals!


That’s it! I hope you can find the best hobby for you. Enjoy!

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