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6 Things To Expect When Becoming A Full-time Blogger

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Blogging full-time… was my long-sought dream.

I wanted to leave my job and hope to stay home as a full-time blogger — working at my own pace and terms. I bet this is what’s running in your mind, too. I totally understand. It’s probably every writer’s dream!

But of course, it isn’t a walk in the park to leave everything behind and jump into the unexplored tavern of blogging. I was all new to this, too, when I started thinking about turning this into a full-time hustle.

Doubts crept in, questioning whether I could truly earn a living online. I found myself unsure of my own abilities. Worse, the skepticism of those around me — family, friends, and colleagues — only added to the weight of my uncertainty.

Let’s take you back to my beginner years. It was in 2020 when I started setting up my blog.

Prior to that, I was a freelance writer since 2018. I had a day job, too.

Yet, every time I submit an article to a client, there’s a lingering thought that maybe, maybe… I can start my own instead of writing for someone else. I’m so tired of chasing the money after all. Why not create my own passive income?

I spent countless months to years researching and absorbing as much information as possible. You could say I’ve analyzed too much, but took no action. I was scared to fail and lose money to pay for initial expenses.

“I’m not ready, yet,” says my thoughts.

But in December 2020, I finally took the leap. Now or never, I said. I bought my domain name (my first website) and registered with a hosting.

It was quite a while — about 4 months — before I earned my first ever 2 cents from Google AdSense. Two cents in 4 months, and I’m celebrating!

If only you could see how breathtaking it was when the realization dawned on me. Like, for real. I can earn from this!

“If I can earn a cent here, then I can earn a dollar, hundred dollars, or even a thousand more!”

So with each passing day, my desire to leave my job and dedicate myself fully to blogging grew stronger. 

I craved the freedom and flexibility that came with being my own boss. I just can’t put up with a workplace atmosphere anymore where people monitor my every move. Plus, the anxiety in my old job was rising. 

In July 2021 (7 months after creating the blog), I finally left the job and worked on my side hustle full-time. I wasn’t earning a full-time income yet but I guess I earned enough, so I was compelled to leave. (But I don’t advise suddenly leaving your job, okay? Well… unless you’re quite a risk-taker.)

Now, what does becoming a full-time blogger looks like? What should you expect?

Here are the things you have to consider before jumping into the blogging world.

6 Things To Expect When You're A Full-time Blogger
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What To Expect When You’re A Full-Time Blogger

These are from my personal experiences after becoming a full-time blogger and manager of my digital income streams.

1. Lots of freedom, but it requires discipline and consistency.

Freedom and flexibility… Yes, yes! It’s the main reason why people ought to shift to working online.

But do you know the hardest part about blogging? It’s that you actually have to blog!

Ironic, I know.

But being honest, behind the enthusiastic visions I had in mind, there were days that I felt bored, especially when my creative juices started running out.

I was ambitious — wanting to publish quality long-form blog posts every single day. Three articles, ten articles… it was going well. But when I was around my 50th article, burnout came, and I realized that it’s not as easy and exciting as I thought.

Yet in this path, consistency is needed.

Many bloggers would agree that being consistent and sticking to a schedule is one of the most challenging parts of this career. Mostly, when you lack discipline and only find solace when inspiration strikes, all the plans crumble.

This is why I tell you, before blogging full-time, ask yourself: how disciplined are you?

How committed are you to resisting the urges of procrastination and adhering to your self-imposed deadlines?

Through time, I embedded a work schedule for me. As ironic as we want flexibility and freedom from the 9-5 jobs, it’s better to have a fixed schedule so we won’t get lost in the sea of spontaneous roundabouts.

I woke up early, started my work at exactly 8AM, and finished around 3-5PM. It allows me to give myself time for rest, too.

Remember, no one’s gonna nag you but you.

2. Patience because it’s a long game.

Blogging is not just a platform for self-expression or a creative outlet—it is a business and a test of patience. 

You can earn serious money when you get a good amount of traffic on your blog. But the sobering reality is — visitors and engagement don’t come overnight. Not in a month. Probably not in a year!


Being on this career path taught me a lot about embracing the concept of delayed gratification. Unlike instant social media gratification, where likes and comments pour in with the click of a button, blogging operates on a different timescale. 

Just see how my traffic grew from zero and grew slowly by the month.

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It could take anywhere from one to three months for some organic traffic to trickle in.

And my earnings? Dang, I don’t get a paycheck weekly or twice a month. I get them monthly! 

It was truly mindset shift. And a long game.

So, if you aspire to become a blogger, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. With dedication and a steadfast mindset, you’ll witness your blog evolve and flourish over time.

3. An entrepreneur’s heart

If you wish to blog full-time, ready an entrepreneurial heart. Many bloggers don’t admit to this and don’t get you ready with the truth.

But here it goes: in this venture, be prepared to face the inevitable ups and downs because, like any business, blogging isn’t a guaranteed or secure way to earn a living.

Like any business, the blogging landscape is subject to constant change.

The way people use the Internet evolves, and technology advances at a rapid pace. Your job here is to adapt.

This reminds me of the May 2022 Google Core Update.

May 2022 was supposedly high time for my website, but my traffic and earnings dropped 30% due to Google’s algorithm update.

I always thought I couldn’t lose in this path, but no. The year 2022 was a hard time for many bloggers. But it’s also the same with the previous algorithm changes decades ago.

So should you be disheartened? Of course, not.

As I mentioned, it’s a business and a long game. The people who ultimately win are those who don’t stop and adapt.

Another warning: full-time blogging can be financially and emotionally draining. The income fluctuates, and you may face periods of uncertainty. This is why diversifying your income streams is important, too.

Ultimately, treat it as a business. Not a mere hobby.

4. It’s a lonely road, face it.

No bosses, no workmates? At first, it sounded like a good dose of solitude, away from toxicity.

But as time passes, blogging proves to be a lonely walkabout. Concerning my interactions with people, Facebook groups and Discord took over.

To be honest, I sometimes find myself considering going back to a traditional job simply because I yearn for human interaction.

Although I’m an introvert, being confined in the same workplace (my room) for three years now can affect my mental and emotional well-being.

That’s why I’ve been bugging my friends to travel and go out recently. Seriously, I miss going outside. Lol.

5. Taking care of yourself should be the priority.

While I mentioned earlier the mental and emotional toll that blogging can take, it impacts physical health, too. Being a full-time blogger requires attention both to the content you create and your overall health—emotionally, socially, and physically.

In my personal experience, I faced some serious consequences due to neglecting my physical health. First of all, I rarely do workouts and found myself falling into a sedentary lifestyle.

Hours spent sitting before a screen, typing away, researching, and all.

Over time, my bones weakened, I gained weight, and health problems began to arise like a domino effect.

Don’t be like me.

Thankfully, I’m fixing my errors and now trying to build healthy habits like exercising.

6. Ability to Stick or Start

Bloggers are so guilty of “shiny object syndrome” — a..k.a. the occasional surge of new ideas or the “itch” to try new things.

Dang, deviating from the original plan is so tempting every time I pick up some fresh news and tactics. Even now, it’s hard to battle these ideas.

One day, I planned to write one blog post a day. The next day, I wanted a whole new niche site.

This is where most of my headaches start. Should I stick with what I know and cultivate my existing blog, or should I venture into this uncharted territory and start something new?

So if you’re planning to become a full-time blogger, evaluate whether this new direction aligns with my vision and values as a blogger.

Is this new idea something you genuinely care about? Can you sustain your enthusiasm or get bored of it after a month? 

If you ever find yourself caught in the web of the shiny object syndrome, remember to pause, reflect, and evaluate first!


That’s it. I hope my experiences can help you gain insights about being a blogger. Don’t worry. While I shed light on the unspoken realities of blogging, I can still say that I love what I do, and enjoy every inch of my job! I love the autonomy, the game, and the flexibility! 🙂



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Hi, I'm Maj! I'm a spirited daydreamer who broke free from the corporate grind to chase a life of passion and freedom. Proudly introverted and a fan of minimalistic living, I still thrive on discovering new things and diving into exciting ventures—like creating my own income streams, starting small businesses, and setting unique goals. As an empath, I live true to my strengths and vibrant imagination, with a focus on compassion, truth, and authenticity. Welcome to my blog! :)

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