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26 Screen-free Activities To Do At Home During Your Free Time

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Since leaving my office job and working from home, I’ve enjoyed more time with my family and for myself, thanks to the absence of a daily commute.

However, I must admit, as a freelance writer, my job involves a lot of screen time.

And even after work hours, I found myself grabbing my phone and endlessly scrolling through social media or watching YouTube videos.

While I enjoyed such freedom in the first few years, now, the routine has become frustrating. I realized how much time I was wasting, and without my phone, I had nothing else to do.

Ugh. Guess my only hobby was staring at my screens!

Fortunately, I found a solution, and it lies in my love for books. 

So, if you’re struggling like I did, here are some screen-free activities for adults to spend your free time instead of doom-scrolling on the internet.

The Thing Is, We Have To Gather The Materials First

As I tried to shift to screen-free activities, I realized just how much control our phones have over us.

Smartphones have replaced many of our other hobbies. Instead of playing physical board games, we use apps.

Instead of writing in notebooks, we type in Word documents.

So, before going into the list, I want to remind you that to truly enjoy screen-free time, you have to gather the physical materials you will work on.

No, not apps. Let’s go back to the 90s when digital technology wasn’t a thing at all.

So are you ready? Here we go!

Screen-free Activities You Can Do At Home During Your Free Time

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1. One-Month Doodle Challenge

Take on a monthly doodle challenge on your sketchpad by picking a theme—such as a color, Christmas, Autumn, friendships, or your profession. Spend 1-2 hours each day drawing, and by the end of the month, you’ll have a gallery of cute and amazing doodles. This does not only help you pass the time, but also hone your drawing skills.

2. Poetry

Write a poem or prose about the highlight of your day. Was it something beautiful, or was it mundane? Either way, get creative and find the perfect words to describe it!

3. Traditional Scrapbooks

Creating scrapbooks is a long-term commitment but one that will be very sentimental. Print pictures of your family and collect literal scraps like old cloth, magazines, buttons, ribbons, etc. Decorate them as you wish. You can have themed scrapbooks with separate collections for your travels, family, and friends. Start with this scrapbook album.

4. Learn an instrument

Every day, make it a goal to learn something new about your chosen instrument. Track your progress. If you’re learning the guitar, start by familiarizing yourself with the basic chords on Day One. Over the next few days, progress to playing basic songs.

5. Grab a Self-Help Book

Pick up a self-improvement book and aim to read 1 to 2 chapters each day. This is what I did to conquer my phone habit. It’s nice to have a new collection of books, too!

6. Puzzle time!

Dive into solving puzzles like these easy to hard Sudoku and vibrant jigsaw puzzles. You could also try mastering a Rubik’s Cube or tackling intricate metal wire puzzles to test your intellect and patience.

7. Do workout challenges

For those just starting out, jump rope exercises or guided workout routines can be very helpful. If you have access to a home gym, that’s great too! A treadmill workout is another fantastic option.

8. A Bucketlist

Write a realistic bucket list you think is achievable for the year. Again, it MUST be done within a year. Say, you want to get a professional license or travel to another state. You’ll be amazed at how writing down your dreams can motivate you to make them happen!

9. Edible Gardening

Another great activity to do without a phone — starting an edible garden! It’s very possible to plant tomatoes, lettuce, or pumpkins in your backyard. It requires time and commitment, but once you get into gardening, you’ll be drawn to grow more! In my country, we call plant lovers “Plantitos and Plantitas” (Plant + uncles and aunts) because it’s a growing hobby for us millenials.

10. DIY with a Purpose

Take on DIY projects with a meaningful goal. For example, you could crochet daily, but if making too much poses a problem, why not donate your crafts to children? Or gift your family and friends! You could also make clay keychains or learn woodworking to decorate your home.

11. Chores, Done

Complete your chores for a cozy, spotless home. It’s amazing how a clean space can lift your spirits!

12. Your At-home Dance Party

Have a dance party by yourself or with your family and kids. As an introvert, I love going all out with my dance moves and being a rockstar in my own world. Plus, I get to exercise! Waaay better than just scrolling on my phone.

13. Adult Coloring Books

Spend some time with an adult coloring book. It gets pretty relaxing, I tell you! Bring out your inner child, and enjoy a meditative activity during your free time. Check this Mindfulness Coloring Book. It’s simply beautiful.

14. Self-care

Engage in self-care activities at home. For example, you could experiment with nail colors, take a long bubble bath, and do a routine to rejuvenate your skin. Self-care is a productive and refreshing way to spend your time.

15. Fashion up

Do you love dressing up? If you’re into fashion, preparing and matching your clothes is a fun way to explore your style and stay organized whenever you go out.

16. Journalling

Journaling is more than just self-expression; it’s a way to document and reflect on your life. Recording your experiences helps you remember important moments, and writing down your reflections allows you to track your personal growth and mindset over time. Here are 34 journal prompts for your self-discovery.

17. Board Games

Enjoy playing board games like the good ol’ Scrabble, Monopoly, or card games with your family. It’s a great way to bond and have fun together.

18. Home Décor

Plan a home redecoration project. Start with one room at a time. You can try these new changes:

  • In the bedroom, you can choose a new color scheme, update your bedding, and add decorative pillows.
  • Living Room — rearrange the furniture for a fresh look, add some plants, and consider new artwork or family photos.
  • For your kitchen, organize your pantry or update your kitchenware.

19. Reading Challenges

Do a reading challenge. For example, you can select five books from the same author and read them all, complete a book series, or a challenge to explore different genres by picking a novel from each one.

20. Bible Study/ Devotion

Dedicate a quiet time each day to read one chapter from the Bible. As you read, self-reflect on what you’ve learned from that chapter and consider how these lessons impact your life. The verses can reveal different insights as you go through life, making this a meaningful and enriching way to spend your time.

21. Soap-making

Craft your own soap with different scents, colors, and ingredients. You can follow a soap-making recipe. Here’s a soap kit to make your first ever soap-making easy! It will be great for personal use but could also become a full-blown business!

22. Bullet Journalling

Bullet journaling is another type of journaling for tracking your personal growth, tasks, and schedules. You usually start with blank pages, then designate pages for calendars and daily/weekly/monthly trackers. Aside from being creative, you get to see your progress!

23. Macramé

Have you ever seen a macramé? It’s a knotting technique perfect for creating stylish home decor and functional items like curtains or plant hangers. Here’s a macramé kit you can check out.

24. Indoor Sports

Play indoor sports with your family, like darts or table tennis! Oh, my partner and I have been discussing this recently. We need to buy a table tennis table!

25. Tufting

Have you tried tufting? It’s surprisingly addictive—you might find yourself making rugs non-stop! While using a tufting gun can be costly, you can start with a punch needle for a more basic approach.

26. Paint By Numbers

Not confident in your painting skills but still want to create beautiful art? Try paint-by-numbers kits, where you follow numbered sections to paint a picture. It’s a relaxing activity. You can even have a personalized photo you can paint on and see it come to life gradually.


That’s it! These are some free time activities to do at home. It would be a great routine change to have more hobbies than just playing on our gadgets.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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