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26 Best Book Lover Gifts (That Are NOT Books!)

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In this age, even when digital products are popping left and right, we can’t discount that there are still people who LOVE books. *raises hands*

So if you’re searching for the perfect present to delight the avid reader in your life, look no further!

In this post, I’ve curated a collection of unique and thoughtful gifts that are sure to captivate their imagination and warm their bookish hearts.

From cozy accessories to literary-inspired treasures, let’s explore the best gifts that will leave bookworms turning pages with joy. So, grab a cup of tea, settle into your favorite reading nook, and let us inspire you with the ultimate gift ideas for book lovers.

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26 Best Bookworm Gifts (That Are NOT Books!)

Ready? Here we go:

1. Tree Bookshelf

As a fellow lover of fiction, literature, and self-help books, I can’t help but get excited about this item. It’s not just a bookshelf; it’s a personal haven for our beloved books.

And this bookshelf? It doesn’t only keep the books in order but also adds a touch of elegance to our space. Each section can snugly hold 5 to 10 of our favorite books. Just imagine the satisfaction of gazing at our favorite collection, neatly organized and proudly displayed.

This bookshelf is a game-changer. It’s time to take book organization to the next level and indulge in the joy of a beautifully arranged library. Send them this as a gift!

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2. Vintage Bookmarks

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Before I read my books, I definitely take my time cherishing my bookmarks. So I attest that bookmarks will surely be a simple, yet one of the best book lover gifts to give.

These particular bookmarks have captured my heart with their vintage nature style, exquisite aesthetics, and an amazing array of colorful designs. It adds a touch of beauty to your own reading adventures or surprises a fellow book enthusiast.

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3. Chunky Knit Blanket

Imagine wrapping yourself in a warm and stylish embrace, courtesy of a 50×60-inch knitted blanket. It’s like being enveloped in a cozy cloud, especially during those cold, book-filled days.

Its beauty goes beyond its practicality—it adds a touch of elegance to any space, making it a delightful addition to a reading nook.

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4. Tissue Box Holder (Vintage Book Design)

Now, let’s stir some fun in gift-giving and send them this unique “bookish” tissue holder!

Not only does it make for a funny and vintage gift, but it also serves a practical purpose. You can use it in your bathrooms, bedrooms, or even in the kitchen. What’s more, it doubles as a perfect coffee table decoration, instantly elevating the aesthetic of your living space!

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5. “Just One More Chapter” Book Sleeve

Do you have an avid reader who loves to travel with their books? Then I can’t recommend the “Just One More Chapter” Book Sleeve enough.

It’s made of durable polyester cotton with a handy zipper to keep your books and gadgets safe from scratches, making it the perfect gift for your book-loving friends who never want to fold the edges of their beloved books!

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6. “Bookmarks are For Quitters” Mug

I don’t know if it should only be called a mug, because the captions are also so aggressive and SMUG! Lol. This gotta be a challenge to your bookworm friends.

The fun and captivating caption adds a playful touch that resonates with any bookworm who never seems to put a book down.

It’s thick and durable ensuring to accompany your friend in their countless reading marathons. This mug is a delightful gift for yourself or that book-loving friend who deserves a stylish and functional companion for their reading adventures.

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7. The BookSeat

Real talk, when I read for hours, my forearms and neck become sore. And how do readers fight the bodyaches? Gift them this handy accessory!

Crafted from faux suede, it provides the perfect size to comfortably cradle their favorite book. Whether it’s a paperback or a hardcover, this book seat has got them covered.

Think of it as a cozy beanbag for their books, allowing them to effortlessly adjust angles for optimal reading comfort. Plus, it even comes with convenient pockets where you can stash your small items.

Oh, and here’s an added bonus: if you prefer reading on tablets or your phone, this book seat is a lifesaver. No more straining their arms!

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8. Rechargeable Book Light

With their warm color and long-lasting 100,000-hour lights, book lights will transform any bookworm’s reading experience.

The two brightness settings make it easy to adjust the lighting, ensuring a comfortable and easy-on-the-eyes reading session, especially in the dark. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable.

Help your bookworm friends illuminate their literary adventures!

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9. FREADOM T-shirt

Here’s a delightful find for bookworms like me—the Freadom T-shirt.

It’s witty and captures the essence of our love for reading in a trendy and humorous way. “Freadom”. Clever, huh?

But it’s not just the design that makes this tee special. Crafted with premium breathable fabric, it a comfort to wear – soft, durable, and stretchy!

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10. Grumpy Baby Octopus Plushie

It’s not really book-related but it’s irresistible especially when you have an introvert who likes fantasy and the cute plushes! And have mood swings, too! Lol.

The twinkling eye and cute grumpy expression? We’d die of CUTE! It also serves as a shield against negativity.

They also have other plushes like a cute, angry shark, dinosaur, and sloth! Go check it out!

See on TheGrumpyOctopus.com

11. Black Cat Magnetic Bookmark

Books and cats. They seem to never separate paths. I, for one, am a book and cat lover, too!

This magnetic bookmark set includes six adorable cat magnetic bookmarks, each in a different pose.

Not only do they add a touch of cuteness to your reading experience, but they also serve as a handy pointer to the paragraph where you left off. And every time you go back to reading, there’s no way you won’t get enveloped with cuteness overload!

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12. Book Club Scented Candle               

Now, let’s delight the senses.

With notes of orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, balsam, and amber, it creates a warm and cozy ambiance that is perfect for bookworms seeking a tranquil reading space.

The candle provides an approximate burn time of 60-80 hours, allowing avid readers to indulge in its comforting fragrance for their countless reading sessions.

Let the captivating aroma fill the air and immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling.

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13. Rolife Book Nook Kit

A book nook miniature… Ahhhh… it’s magical, just like a scene taken out from the pages.

This gift lets your book lover friend build their own miniature scene, where every detail comes to life. From transparent roofs to charming furniture and adorable movable animals, like cats and birds, you can create a captivating micro world that sparks your imagination.

Let the magic of storytelling and hands-on creation come together in this unforgettable and cool bookworm gift.

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14. Decorative Cat Bookends

Another cat x book lover, eh? I’ll never get enough of it!

These bookends not only add a timeless appeal to home decor but also serve as functional pieces that keep books neatly organized. With their unique design, they effortlessly blend into any style of decor, whether it be traditional, minimalist, or modern.

These cat-themed bookends bring a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, making them an ideal gift for those who cherish both books and cats!

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15. “BOOK” Book ends

Another book end gift…

Crafted from premium steel, the design is sleek and sophisticated, another great item for home décor. They hold books of all sizes securely in place, adding a touch of elegance to any bookshelf or desk!

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16. Kindle Paperwhite

Got an extremely avid reader who got a new book to read every week?

Give them the ultimate gift – a library of books — the Kindle Paperwhite.

This updated version features a larger 6.8″ display with thinner borders, providing an immersive reading experience. With adjustable warm light, you can easily shift the screen shade from white to amber, making it easy on the eyes even during extended reading sessions.

Discover a world of new stories with access to over 2 million titles and thousands of audiobooks through Kindle Unlimited.

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17. Book Pendant Silver Necklace

Of course, accessories can also be an awesome gift for book lovers. The necklace is made of nickel-free and lead-free hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver, ensuring comfortable wear even for those with sensitive skin.

Perfect gift for students, teachers, librarians, and all the book lovers in your life!

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18. Cute Cat Enamel Pins


Here’s a handmade enamel accessory of cats reading books. I told you, can’t get enough of cats and books! Haha! These cute and pleasant colors, surely add a special touch to any outfit, adorably decorating bags and clothes.

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19. Morandi-colored Book Tabs

Book tabs, anyone? It’s especially awesome when the bookworm in your life loves annotating books! This is a transparent sticky notes tab – a total game-changer for anyone who adores diving deep into the pages of a captivating story.

Your friend will have the ability to write smoothly using oil markers, pencils, or ballpoint pens without obstructing the original text. Truly an invaluable tool for organizing and categorizing documents, folders, diaries, and more!

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20. Fluorescent-colored Highlighter Tapes

Removable and repositionable — these vibrant and versatile page markers are a must-have for all bookworms. The eye-catching colors in yellow, orange, blue, pink, and green add a delightful

touch to your reading experience. Thanks to the translucent and tearable design, these tapes won’t obscure the text underneath or leave any unsightly stains.

Treat yourself or surprise a fellow book lover with such a convenient set!

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21. Letter Wood Stamp 

Bookworms are definitely word enthusiasts, too. With these stamps, any book lover can effortlessly create custom greeting cards, and add a personal touch to commercially made ones.

They can even bring their favorite books to life with beautifully stamped quotes and designs. Whether the bookworm in your life loves crafting heartfelt messages or simply enjoying the art of typography, these stamps are a fantastic way to play with words and unleash your imagination.

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22. Coffee Warmer

Coffee warmers are designed to keep our beloved cup of coffee at the perfect drinking temperature and ensure no more cold sips distract them from their favorite books.

With its reliable heating technology, they can enjoy warm and delicious coffee throughout their reading journey, even on chilly winter days. Give the gift of cozy reading experiences and let their love for books be accompanied by the comforting warmth of their favorite beverage.

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23. Book Wax Stamps

Book Wax Stamps never cease to be an elegant gift for book lovers and crafters.

Adding a touch of elegance and charm to envelopes, invitations, and scrapbooks? Well, whether it’s for embellishing a special book or adding a personal touch to gift packaging, this retro wood stamp is the perfect accessory.

It’s sure to impress any bookworm, so gift them something this simple yet classy!

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24. Bookish Girl Design Tumbler

Featuring a charming design of a girl engrossed in books and the words “Just A Girl Who Loves Books,” this tumbler is a must-have for anyone who adores the written word.

Not only does the Bookworm Tumbler showcase their love for literature, but it also keeps their drinks at the ideal temperature. Whether it’s studying for exams or enjoying a cozy reading time at home, this tumbler will ensure beverages stay hot or cold for longer.

Spill-proof especially during a magical reading session!

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25. Galison Jigsaw Puzzle (Book Design)

Give them a puzzle of hardcover books! Not to mention, it’s very pretty (and challenging), too.

This captivating puzzle features a charming twist on the traditional rainbow, showcasing a stunning array of hardcover books in beautiful shades of blue, green, yellow, and red.

Great activity for individuals or families. And to book lovers? It surely adds a touch of literary charm!

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26. “My Weekend Is All Booked” Cap

Express your love for reading with this “My Weekend is All Booked” cap. Made from 100% cotton, this soft and adorable cap is the perfect gift for bookworms who want to shout out that “Hey, my weekends are fully devoted to books! Don’t disturb!”

Whether lounging at home or venturing out, this cap is a stylish and comfortable accessory that celebrates a book lover’s passion for reading.

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There you go! I hope these gave you insights on what gifts to give to your book lover friends and loved ones!


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