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8 Things You Should Let Go To Live A Peaceful Life

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I used to overthink a lot. When I was younger, there were countless nights when I cried because my life felt so messy. The problems overwhelmed me endlessly.

We were in debt. My workplace was toxic. A family member deals with a chronic illness. And I, as an ordinary woman, tried my best to help my family.

Every day, I gathered the courage to face these challenges. But every night, I would break down, feeling lost and questioning the disappointments of life.

I thought I was mature and strong enough to handle my struggles head-on. But I realized that, despite my brave face, the weight I carried in my life made everything seem chaotic, without any clear solutions.

I prided myself on shouldering my responsibilities alone, without seeking help from others. No one knew my struggles, and I eventually realized that what I considered maturity was actually self-sabotage.

But now I understand. There are many things in life that I held onto for far too long. I’ve realized that letting go isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a display of wisdom.

8 Things To Let Go To Live A Peaceful Life

Here are eight things you should remove from your life to live more freely and maintain a sound mind.

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1. The burden of the past

We all have those haunting moments that cling to us. Maybe it’s an unforgivable mistake, a regret for not doing better, or even a struggle with forgiving ourselves.

I understand. The past can stick to us like a stubborn stain on a white shirt. Yes, we learn important lessons from our mistakes, but sometimes there’s a memory so painful that letting go feels impossible.

But here’s the truth. Holding onto the burdens of the past taints our present decisions and prevents us from embracing the love and joy surrounding us.

Instead of denying yourself happiness and shutting out celebrations and care, it’s time to embrace the present. Release that burden. Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it. Life is too short to let the past steal your joy.

2. Too much expectations

Do you find yourself setting excessively high standards for people, only to end up disappointed when they don’t meet them? Well, here’s a reality check: by doing so, you not only hurt yourself but also put others through unnecessary pressure.

Perhaps you have such lofty expectations because you give your all for others, and you expect them to do the same for you. However, it’s important to remember that everyone operates differently.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to let go of “unspoken” expectations. Not everyone can read minds or dance to the beat of your drum. Communicate your wishes, but don’t set your expectations so high that even you would struggle to meet them if you were in their shoes.

Expectations hurt, and it won’t harm you if you lower them from time to time.

3. The anxiety of the future

The Bible, in Matthew 6:34, quotes,

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I used to struggle to believe in these words until my family, and I experienced the impact of Covid.

We were quarantined for two weeks, facing strict health protocols and the closure of our family business. On top of that, I lost my job, and our income was already dwindling before the pandemic hit.

However, I found refuge in that verse. 

All throughout, instead of worrying about where our next meal would come from, the blessings came pouring down from neighbors, churchmates, friends, and even distant relatives.

It was astonishing how the quarantine — something beyond our control — passed us easily, and I had peace in my heart.

That said, in situations you can’t control, stop struggling as you may only hurt yourself. Instead, be still. If you can’t solve your problems today, give it time. Work on it tomorrow. There’s enough burden today, so keep it cool.

Sooner or later, it gets solved on its own. Or you may be wiser to solve it, or there will be people coming to your rescue. You only need to be patient.

4. People who don’t appreciate your wins

At the heart of letting go lies the notion of self-respect.

When you win, you better believe in celebrating yourself and striving for even greater things. But when it comes to the insincere people in your life? Why deal with them?

You see, seeking people’s validation, and then getting none is an easy path to resentment. So instead, save yourself some peace, and surround yourself with people who truly care. Let nobody dim your shine! 

5. Unforgiven mistakes

We all have those people in our lives who have done us wrong. Whether it’s family, friends, or even some random stranger who ruined your day (or your life). Here you are, feeling angry whenever you remember what they did, angry at their very sight. 

Unfortunately, despite cutting them off, it leaves a mark on you, and the pain doesn’t magically disappear. And this is why forgiveness is crucial.

Forgiving? Easier said than done, I know. But this is the very reason why it’s important if you want to have peace in your life.

Forgive them, and forgive yourself. Why? Because in all these circumstances, the burden doesn’t fall on the person you’re angry at. 

It’s your own peace that is being taken away.

So, choose to forgive them and forgive yourself. Let go of the heavy baggage. You deserve to move forward and find peace.

6. Self-doubt and fear of failure

Self-doubt is like a damp towel suffocating your dreams, holding you back from taking risks and exploring new horizons.

Isn’t it ironic how this fear of failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? When you’re constantly doubting yourself and avoiding risks, you miss out on golden opportunities for success and personal fulfillment. 

But by releasing that fear, you’ll open yourself up to incredible opportunities and reach those goals you’ve been eyeing. It’s time to grab life by the horns. Embrace the unknown, and let your dreams take flight. 

You have the capability to overcome self-doubt and make incredible things happen.

7. Envy and comparisons

Seriously, it’s time to break free from this toxic cycle and let go of ridiculously comparing your life to others.

You see, envy and comparison come from this obsession with what others have and what we think we lack. This time, snap out of it. 

When you let go of this envy and comparison nonsense, you can genuinely celebrate the achievements of others too.

No more bitter jealousy lurking in the shadows. It’s time to lift each other up and cheer on our neighbors and friends.

8. Trying to please other people

Trying to constantly please others is a one-way ticket to emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and stress. 

But guess what? There’s a light at the end of this people-pleasing tunnel. It’s prioritizing what truly resonates with you and putting boundaries for asking for the validation of others. 

By letting go of this desperate need to please, you’ll learn to communicate your needs and preferences. 

It frees you.


That’s it! Remember, the internal peace starts within you. As one of my African proverbs says:

“If there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

Thanks for reading!


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