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5 Ways to Monetize a Blog without Google AdSense

*This post may contain affiliate links. That means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases or sign-ups at certainly no additional cost to you! Thanks!*

In early 2021, I decided to monetize my first-ever blog.

As a new blogger who’s self-taught (and befriended Google and Youtube for treasurable tutorials), there’s this particular ad network every new blogger puts their head about. 

Yes, it’s no other than… Google AdSense!

Google AdSense acts as an ad network that connects publishers like us to brands. Until 2021, AdSense was the easiest ad network bloggers with a young and low-traffic website can apply for.

I did apply to Google AdSense and I won’t deny how breathtaking it was when my first ads (EVER!!) were launched on my blog.

But 4 months in (April to July 2021), the excitement wore off and discouragement kicked in. 

The sad news is, with Google AdSense and a new website, I was literally earning pennies.

Do you want better options?

If you’re like me who wished for a more profitable ad monetization network, or looking for an income source aside from ads, then here are the 5 best ways you can monetize your blog without AdSense!

Here we go.

5 Ways to Monetize a Blog Without Google AdSense
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5 Ways You Can Monetize Your Blog Without Adsense

1. Display Ads

As mentioned above, the trickles of pennies disheartened me after 4 months so I had to find ways to increase my revenue somehow.

Fortunately, I found 2 ad networks that pay way, waaaay better than Google AdSense.

  • Ezoic

Again, I was new to blogging and have always believed I’m stuck with the few cents I get from Google AdSense.

But it was not until I stumbled on a forum mentioning how an ad network accommodates newbies (like me) in the blogging industry – it was Ezoic.

Of course, when opportunities arise, I’m all eyes and ears.

As per my short research at that time, Ezoic once required a minimum of 10,000 sessions before a website gets approved for the program. 

But in February 2021, thankfully, Ezoic launched the Access Now Programwhich allows new websites to apply at a minimum of zero traffic.

Yup, zero traffic! 

Knowing I’m eligible to apply, I immediately tried the opportunity on my first lifestyle blog.

Well, hats off to Ezoic for increasing my ad revenue 23x on the first month (August 2021) I joined their network.

That’s why I’m totally suggesting you apply to them, too!

So, if your website receives low traffic at the moment, Ezoic is your best bet to earn through display ads.




But here’s a tip: Zero-minimum traffic doesn’t guarantee approval. Make sure your site has no previous violations with Google AdSense and is home to quality content.

  • Mediavine

Got a website reaching 50,000 sessions? Then you must absolutely check out Mediavine. They offer one of the highest RPMs (revenue per mille) in the industry.

With Mediavine, your RPM could hit up anywhere from $10 to $23 per 1000 sessions.

Numerous professional bloggers attest to the quality services and a solid increase in their revenue after joining Mediavine.

Another benefit of this ad network is their headstrong support to publishers as they commit to helping you grow your blog.

However, here’s one tiny issue.

Mediavine requires quite a high and quality traffic. 

Interested with Mediavine? Then, here are their requirements:

  • 50,000 sessions on a 30-day lookback
  • Have not committed any Google AdSense Policy violations
  • The website contains original, engaging, and long-form content

2. Affiliate Marketing

Are you blogging about books? Sports? Arts? Lifestyle?

Whatever niche you’re in, you’re surely using products that you, in one way or the other, have used or liked.

If you really like the product, then why not promote it?

There’s definitely no harm in promoting products that you genuinely believe in – whether that’s a subscription, a course, a service, or a physical product. 

Did it make your life easier? Share the knowledge! 

But alongside that, why not earn a commission, too, when someone buys the product you recommended?

Affiliate marketing works just like that and it is one of the best ways to monetize a blog.

Simply put, affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission when a reader clicks on your uniquely generated affiliate link and buys the product you recommended.

Ready to promote products?

Now, if you have some products in mind, how do you join affiliate programs?

How to Join Affiliate Programs

First, I suggest that you only recommend products you truly believe in, products that you use, eyeing on, have researched on, and such.  

Don’t promote products you really have no idea about. Here’s why.

Knowing the product yourself guarantees its effectiveness.

Remember, your aim is first and above all – to help your reader. Build trust, and not just take away their money.

Reliability and credibility are crucial, if you want them to return to your blog, that is.

You have to live up to whatever product you’re promoting.

Now, if you have a product in mind, the next steps are to:

  1. Check if the brand you’re eyeing offers affiliate programs.
  2. Read their terms and commission rates.
  3. If you agree to the terms, sign up!
  4. Generate uniquely generated links and put them on your website.

How to find affiliate programs?

Now, what if you have a website in mind, but don’t know if they offer affiliate programs? What are the best ways to find out? 

Easy-peasy. Here are 3 ways to find out:

  1. You can see an “Affiliates” link at the Footer or Primary Navigation of the brand’s website.
  2. Type “[name of brand] affiliate program” and check for search results. (Ex. Amazon affiliate program)
  3. Join Affiliate Networks. These are websites where you can find a pool of brands to apply for.

The most common Affiliate Networks you can apply for are:

  • Amazon (you know it, it’s a popular go-to shopping website for physical items)
  • eBay (similar to Amazon)
  • Shareasale (pool for high-ticket affiliate products with high commission rates)
  • Awin (Affiliate Network for popular websites such as Etsy, etc.)
  • CJ Affiliates (similar to Shareasale)

3. Selling Your Products

What makes blogs better than traditional businesses is that you’re reaching hundreds to thousands every day!

And of course, you might as well use the traffic to turn your blog into a business. Create your own products!

Here are 2 types of products you can dive into:

  • Physical Products

As we know, physical products could vary depending on your niche. 

Art, calligraphy, and craft blogs usually create Etsy or Gumroad shops and use their blog traffic to drive sales.

Lifestyle Blogs? They sell journals, planners, and motivational books.

Food? Health? Wellness?

Just like businesses sitting in the cities, product ideas are endless and you can use your blog to extend your reach.

  • Digital Products

Digital Products can be any form of a downloadable piece of media that consumers buy online.

What’s amazing about digital products is that it sells repeatedly in the form of e-books, online courses, templates, plug-ins, printables, and more.

Compared to physical products, digital products has low overhead costs.

You don’t need spacious storage for your items, don’t need to hold inventory, nor incur shipping costs.

It’s just there, existing, and gathering sales for as long as your blog exists!

As long as you provide valuable information, service, and help in your digital products, it will be a profitable source, and a passive way, to monetize your blog.

4. Sponsored Posts

Sooner or later, your blog would catch the eyes of brands.

If their products relate to your niche, of course, they would want to market to YOUR audience.

Are sponsored posts basically ads?

Well, yes and no. Sponsored posts aim to drive traffic or sales back to the company. But it’s not just a display ad, but a more engaging and informative content-type advertisement.

It’s a content or blog post shaped to promote a brand.

But because it’s written to blend in your niche, some readers may not even notice they’re reading a sponsored post!

Obviously, companies and brands would further their reach if they get their advertorials published on your blog.

In exchange, sponsored posts average $300 per post. But with larger traffic and reach, you could also be earning thousands from it.

Tip: The sponsored posts you accept must not deviate from your blog niche. 

If your audience comes to your website for relationship advice, then, stick to the topic. Make sure you’re not hurting the reader’s experience and the effectiveness of the advertorial.

How do you get Sponsored Posts?

Here are 5 ways to find sponsored posts for your blog:

  1. Set up a “Work with Me” or sponsor page that discusses the benefits they will get from your blog. Share some numbers about your monthly traffic, the audience you have, and the media you will use to promote your content. Blind them with your staggering stats!
  2. Write quality content that catches the eyes of sponsors.
  3. Find brands that relate to your blog and pitch sponsored post ideas.
  4. See the brands on display ads that your ad networks set up in your blog? Pitch to them!
  5. Sign up to marketing services to help connect brands and influencers. Here are some of the best marketing services to find sponsored post opportunities:

5. Offer your Services

Offering service to your trusting readers is another way to monetize your blog without AdSense.

Your blog surely is a great drive for clients to see your work, results, and qualifications.

Create a “Work With Me” or “Hire Me” page and show all your qualifications, samples, and accomplishments.

You can offer services such as:

  • Content Writing
  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Social Media Management
  • other Freelance Projects


There are a lot of ways you can monetize your blog without AdSense. 

Even I don’t use AdSense much except for the Youtube Channel I set up for my other website.

There are a lot of ways you can do with a single blog so make sure you’re seizing the opportunities!



Grammarly – Detects misspelled words and grammatical errors. It gives your piece an overall performance score based on correctness, clarity, engagement, and the delivery of your blog. All free!

Ezoic – Aside from ad monetization, Ezoic also offers SEO, Analytics, and Site Speed tools. With Ezoic, my ad revenue increased 23x more than Google Adsense. Thankfully, they now offer an Access Now Program that accepts new blog websites with a minimum of zero – again – zero traffic!



Hi, I'm Maj! I'm a spirited daydreamer who broke free from the corporate grind to chase a life of passion and freedom. Proudly introverted and a fan of minimalistic living, I still thrive on discovering new things and diving into exciting ventures—like creating my own income streams, starting small businesses, and setting unique goals. As an empath, I live true to my strengths and vibrant imagination, with a focus on compassion, truth, and authenticity. Welcome to my blog! :)

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